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BigMow robotic mower, mows underneath solar panels at a GE facility.
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Bigmow reduces your mowing costs
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BigMow, ParcMow & BallBoy

Robotic lawn mowers & ballpicker

SofTee Automation is looking for dealers and sales reps around the country to sell BigMow, ParcMow robotic lawn mower and the BallBoy Ballpicker

BigMow, ParcMow, robotic lawnmowers and BallPicker eliminate the use of gasoline and oil while reducing labor.
Robotic Lawn Mowers Reduce or Eliminate
gasoline, oil, emissions and labor.

EPA reported 5% of the pollution in America is caused by lawn mowers. BigMow is a robotic lawn mower that runs completely on rechargable niCad batteries and does not emit any pollution. BigMow covers 5-6 acres and recharges its batteries automatically.

BigMow uses a small amount electricity to recharge the batteries. The pollution savings is significant. Click to see how BigMow reduces pollution compared to commercial mowers covering 5 acres.

With labor and fuel costs continuing to rise and the growing trend to protect the environment, alternatives are being sought to change the way we do everyday things. The BigMow and ParcMow robotic lawn mowers will nearly eliminate labor costs and completely eliminate fuel costs while mowing a 5 acre area (2.5 acres with the ParcMow).

An underground perimeter wire defines the area to be mowed and the mowers on board sensors keep it from crashing into objects like trees, large branches, people and pets.
The mowers are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, minus charging time, assuming there is enough lawn to mow.

The 5 floating heads (3 on the ParcMow) slice off the tips of the grass as it grows eliminating the need to bag and dispose of the grass. The particles that it cuts off act as fertilizer as it decomposes much faster than a blade of grass that is cut once a week. It also reduces the weeds in the lawn because the weed is cut before it seeds, therefore does not spread.

When the robotic lawn mower’s battery gets low, it automatically finds the perimeter wire and works itself back to the charging station where it will stay until it is fully charged, approximately an hour for the ParcMow and 2 hours for the BigMow, then it will resume mowing. Cost savings, user and environmentally friendly, eliminate time spent on the mindless task of mowing the lawn. What more could one ask for in today’s world!


The US Army uses BigMow robotic lawn mower on its bases to reduces gasoline, oil and labor
US Army chose BigMow robotic lawn mowers


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