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The US Army uses BigMow to reduce gasoline, oil and labor


Tom Moore
SofTee Automation


Southport, NC, May 18, 2008   SofTee Automation installed two BigMow’s for the United States Army.  The units were installed at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA and at Fort McNair in Washington D.C.  The Army is interested in reducing labor and contracts for labor around their bases.  They see robotic lawn mowers like BigMow that cover 5-7 acres as a way to spend less over time. 

This is the first robotic lawn mower purchased by the U.S. Army for use in America.  The BigMow has been used in Europe on U.S. Army bases for 4 years.  The price of gasoline and labor got the Army thinking of the BigMow in the United States.  

The U.S. Army is interested in using and burning less fuel from both an economic stand point and an environmental stand point.  BigMow runs on 24volt NiCad batteries, charging itself every couple of hours.  BigMow recognizes a low battery and returns to a charging station where it stays until it is charged, then begins mowing again, allowing BigMow to work around the clock.  BigMow, on average, costs $20 in electricity a month to run everyday and night while covering 5-7 acres.

The Army is putting BigMow to the test.  “If BigMow performs to the army standards and is in fact reducing labor contracts, the military is going to be very interested in using more BigMows around the country.”  says Tom Moore, President, SofTee Automation.

For more information and to see video of the BigMow in action, visit or to receive an informational DVD email  



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